Hunter Tylo marries Gersson Archila!

The following comes from the news section on the home page. Fans can add a message to Hunter in a post below if they like.

Hunter is married!
Yay! Congrats!!!

December 9th, 2009:

Although I was hoping to leave this news alone for a bit longer for her privacy, there’s no point now that people know and will read more this week. Here’s some news that may surprise you a bit if you do happen to be unaware, or might put a smile on your face if you have heard but aren’t sure whether or not to believe it.

I am pleased to inform Hunter’s fans that she got married just over a week ago!! The incredibly lucky guy is Gersson Archila. I would like to congratulate Hunter and Gersson and I wish them both much happiness!

So I guess I should now refer to my goddess Hunter as Mrs Archila :) I’m sure her professional name will stay the same though.

Congrats Hunter! Although I think you’re quite a wasically wabbit, as usual, you know I love you and that you have my support as always!!

Fans can post their messages to HT in this forum topic if they like (wedding photos are there).

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