Hunter Tylo plastic surgery

I was looking at the IMDB for some information today and while I was there I thought I’d look at their Hunter Tylo message board. There was a person that has posted there and in other boards related to actresses on The Bold and The Beautiful and they’ve talked about how ugly these actresses are. The person obviously needs glasses but their comments about Hunter reminded me of a topic I wanted to write about here this year. Now is just as good a time as any.

I’ll probably be criticised for talking about such a personal topic, even though I’m only trying to help in my own “weird” way (writing a whole blog article about it), but it’s about Hunter’s alleged plastic surgery (her breasts). This is something she has gone on the record as denying that she has ever had (she never answers the question in media interviews, which makes critics suspicious, but she did in her own forum).

In July 2007, Hunter said:

I have not had plastic surgery. I have taken great care of myself over the years and work out hard to keep my body in shape. I advise deep chemical peels for women (and men) who want to resurface and tighten their skin, plus it keeps it healthy and free of dead layers that suffocate the skin. I like lasers for sunspots and acne scars. I also think lasers for hair removal and leg veins are miraculous inventions that women and men have every right to do!

Now, sure she didn’t comment on what people call her “fish lips”, and we all saw how swollen her top lip was when she returned to The Bold and The Beautiful (B&B) in 2005, and critics laughed hard everywhere (I encountered that here on this site in the chat area for almost a year afterwards), but that’s a different topic to the one of her boobs and any alleged surgery on them (which a notorious celebrity plastic surgery site attempted to illustrate several years ago). By the way, the “oral sex lips” look (that’s what it’s called) seems to be all the rage these days.

If Hunter’s critics were to look at the photo of Hunter in a bikini – that she has been smart enough to post in her MySpace site – they might get a small indication, if they “perve” hard enough, that her boobs have not been tampered with at all (because they weren’t just about slapping her in the face like they almost were in that Emmys dress that the plastic surgery site showed photos of).

But what really started all this discussion about her bosoms? Around the late 1990s or earlier this decade, Hunter appeared to have had a chest uplift (some of her outfits showed some much more pronounced cleavage), and I have thought that myself on a few occasions since then. (Maybe I’ve just taken a little too much notice of what she has worn and how she has worn it sometimes over the years.) It is the reactions of people at magazines that got the ball rolling earlier this decade after they started noticing this “new” cleavage. I’ve noticed that some magazines have even called in prominent plastic surgeons to discuss what they think she has had done.

The reality seems to be that surgery is not what she has had and instead it is probably the type of support she uses that makes people think she has had a breast augmentation of some sort (hence the “shelf boobs” comments from critics like that particular notorious, but still obscure, site). But the poor woman can’t win either way, though, because I’ve seen discussion in magazines about her breasts sagging. So it’s no wonder she tries to get a little support under her outfits for photo shoots and red carpet events (and even on the job at B&B in a scene last year, for example, when ‘Taylor’ was in bed with ‘Nick’ and her bosoms seemed to be quite well “uplifted” when she was supposed to be butt nekkid).

It’s the magazines helping to spread these rumors about plastic surgery that really annoys me. Why hasn’t she sued them? Maybe she has had a boob job? Maybe she hasn’t like she said and she thinks a strategy of avoiding the issue is best instead. If she wanted to protect her image and reputation it’s not working, whichever is the case. If she is going to use her MySpace site to blog about topics close to heart then it might help to write about this “storm in a B-cup” (as she once described her rack) to set the record straight.

It might’ve helped if she had done it last year. I remember when someone supposedly made up a story last year that Hunter was suing the celebrity plastic surgery site that had a field day with Hunter a few years ago. I saw conflicting messages about the validity of the story and how it was being handled. I was even outraged that such an obscure site could be sued when magazines get away with far worse. Of course it shouldn’t have been brought up again two years after the fact by whoever was responsible, but it was and it gave Hunter even more negative attention and the critics started up again. Doh!

That brings me back to a few examples of what a poster at the IMDB said about Hunter while laughing at her for not even getting a “sympathy nomination” for the Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B after her son passed away.

  • “… Freak Face/Table T*ts”
  • “… the Botoxed horror show”
  • “Good Lord she’s a lousy actress, and especially so when she’s trying to be tragic.”
  • “… the idiotic freakshow”
  • “… that hideous, Joker-ish face … she was putting those dead slugs filled with collagen she calls lips on him.”

The reason I’ve wanted to write a post about this is to see if I can get it into the top of the search engines. If people read it, it might go a little way towards contradicting the false rumors that she has had plastic surgery, and it might help people to keep some the above types of mistaken comments to a minimum (wishful thinking maybe). I’m a hypocrite because I’ve mentioned in her official forum a few times over the years that I thought it appeared that she had had some work done on her bosoms (such as a chest uplift) but I haven’t commented about it in a while. Other fans have gone a bit further there and said that the plastic surgery is a bit over the top. Then you have magazines and critics making similar comments.

I was even told in one egotistical, ignorant reply to something I said in Hunter’s forum – about how strange it is that an obscure website can be sued but magazines get away with their slander – that I was just playing a game (when I warned others that their messages about the lawsuit could be deleted, given the censorship I had experienced just weeks earlier on the same topic – my ulterior motive was a game of sorts; one aimed at magazine writers that I know go there). So who knows if I was really just speculating or if’s there an element of truth in it, after all.

Anyway, like I was saying, even her own fans have had doubts and have expressed their disappointment in Hunter for altering her gorgeous appearance so much (you can have your faith in someone tested even by fellow fans these days). Throughout it all over the years, though, Hunter has remained silent about the topic. That is until last year. I’m glad she finally went a small way towards clarifying that she hasn’t had plastic surgery, whether we all truly believe her or not (I’m starting to believe her somewhat). Hunter could go a bit further towards helping herself by talking a bit more about the topic and refuting the claims of everyone that has ever discussed the topic. She could either use her MySpace blog or her next book (if she’s going to write one). That’s just a suggestion but it might prove to be a helpful strategy.

Boobs are my favorite topic, but that’s all I have to say about Hunter’s – for now!


The photo gallery has many photos going back years for those that might feel the need to satisfy any personal curiosity about any part of Hunter’s appearance in that time.

Search result

Oh and here’s something that Hunter’s haters can lose a bit of sleep over. If you Google the word ‘beauftiful’ without quotations, have a guess whose face greets you first up above the Web results :)

Image result for \"beautiful\" showing Hunter Tylo.

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20 Responses so far.

  1. letty says:

    Hunter Tylo’s face can stop a train in motion, she was once a beautiful woman, so tragic, now she look’s UGLY!!! WHAT THE HELL DID SHE DO TO HER FACE!!

  2. Nika says:

    You are easy to convince, of course she went under the knife. Hunter is morphint into Joan Rivers, both have had too much plastic surgery.

  3. Susan says:

    Those lips do bother me.

    An avid fan!

  4. Lynn says:

    Come on, how could anyone say she hasnt had plastic surgery? I was just trying to find out why. She used to be a beautiful woman. Not anymore.

  5. Sam says:

    Hunter Tylo was a beautiful woman at one time, but I think she looks terrible now. Her face looks all puffed up which makes her eyes look small and squinty. She used to have outstanding eyes, but they don’t even show up now. Her lips are absolutly horrible. Why would she destroy her face like that? What does she see when she looks in the mirror, it can’t be beauty. I don’t even like to look at her when she comes on the screen. I hope that no one else on that show ruins their faces like she did. I’m sorry if someone doesn’t like my comments, but I’m just being truthful.

  6. John from Holland says:

    She’s become a horrible ugly woman! I was shocked

  7. Trudy says:

    After watching the Bold and Beautiful today, I am convinced on one thing, Hunter Tylo needs to be told the truth about the fact that she looks like she is wearing a mask made of flesh colored Play-do. Whether it be chemical peels, Botox or plastic surgery, her appearance is now bordering on freakish. Someone needs to do her a favor and stage an intervention before she ends up needing a face transplant. Why would a natural beauty do such a thing to herself? Can you say, dysmorphia? Get help!

  8. Ann says:

    Hunter Tylo herself made a joke about her lips and her “implants” so it’s no secret or hidden fact. I read her interview in Soaps in Depth shortly after her return to B & B and she laughed about her taking up the whole TV screen with her “new” image. I don’t care for the look now either lips or the other but she has never denied having it done and in fact admitted to it. The earlier denials may have come from much earlier interviews.

  9. Bunn says:

    I always loved the way Hunter looked before the lips. Why does she feel this is a better look for her? It’s like Lisa Rinna and her lip job. If it does not look natural it’s obviously a bad job. Thankfully the lovely Lisa finally recently came to her senses and had all that crap removed from her lips and guess what? She’s lovlier than ever now!.Pls Hunter, think about this. This is not a flattering look for you. You are such a great looking lady you don’t need those fat lips!

  10. Lyndon says:

    Hunter has rarely spoken about her lips but I’m not saying I doubt she’s had anything done to them. I suspect she’s had work on her face and boobs but I still have some doubts. You can see the difference between how she looked in her 30s by comparison to how she looks now. Maybe it’s age and a chemical peel, maybe it is a bit of knife work or both?

  11. Jan says:

    Is Hunter descended from actress Loretta Young? The resemblance has always been astounding, I thought perhaps she may be related?
    So what if Hunter is not the world’s best actress, she was chosen for this work, good luck to her. So what if she has or has not had plastic surgery or any other surgery, do you people not have more useful hobbies?This is the first time I bothered to read anything, you do sound like her mother or leader of her cheer squad: your reality is slightly off centre too. Why don’t you give it up.

  12. Julie says:

    I have recently tuned back in to B&B and wow…what did Hunter do to her lips? It hurts me just to see her face…she looks so fake and plastic! Like a charicature of herself :(

  13. Lyndon says:

    No she is no relation to Loretta. And if you are referring to me being her cheer squad, that’s my job as the owner of this site which is the most popular fan site in the world that is devoted to Hunter :)

  14. anna says:

    are you stupid or blind?? She had two regulation footballs inserted. Believe me. I have breasts, and short of wrapping them in gaffer tape there is no ‘support’ garment that can do that (with exception of Jean-Paul Gaultier corset – but that would be visible). Also, she had NO lift. The shelf boobs jut out from elbow height on her body. Look,

  15. listentou says:

    Hunter Tylo was beautiful before whatever she did to her face. Now she looks artificial, sorry but true. If you can reverse the process you should do it. You were real now you’re not.

  16. Monica from Cali says:

    I wondered if anyone noticed how weird Hunter looks now. I guess I am not the only one. I really don’t watch this show much and recently started recording it. Now I can hardly watch without thinking “Whoa, what happened to her?” I used to think she was so very very beautiful but now she really looks strange. If its plastic surgery gone wrong, can’t it be fixed? I think Brooke on the other hand really looks a lot better. Whatever she’s done, has worked out nicely!

  17. Linda says:

    She use to had a beautiful face

  18. Lyndon says:

    anna, who cares if she’s had implants. She still looks great and I’d certainly grab those “footballs” and bury my face in them and make stupid, weird noises for a laugh :)

  19. joyce snyder says:

    I hope Hunter doesn’t think her lips are an improvement. On B&B Brook beats her in looks hands down!

  20. Cc says:

    Hunter looks like a hot mess gone wrong!

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